How to Apply Your Personalised Vinyl Labels

It’s back to school season and you need to label ALL the things or perhaps you want to give the perfect personalised gift to that special someone.

Below is our guide explaining how to apply our personalised labels complete with video tutorial demonstrating the application process.

Application Instructions

1. Wash your items in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before attempting application.
2. Use the alcohol wipes provided to clean the application surfaces of each item to ensure there is no left over residue. Allow to dry completely before attempting to apply your personalised labels.
3. Place your item on an even flat surface, use something to prop it up to stop it rolling or moving if need be.
4. Carefully peel the clear transfer layer away from the white backing layer, ensuring that the lettering is attached to the clear transfer layer. If some of the lettering is stuck to the white backing, put the clear layer back down, rub the surface of the clear layer with your thumb applying pressure then try again.
5. Position label over item in desired location, begin laying down the label on the application surface ensuring their are no air bubbles.
6. Once your label is on the item, Rub your thumb over the labels transfer layer with even pressure to ensure that the vinyl lettering has adhered to the surface.
7. Once you are sure the vinyl lettering has adhered to the surface, begin to peel the clear transfer layer back on itself to remove, pulling slowly. If any letters have not adhered, press the transfer layer back down again and repeat step 6, before trying to continue peeling the transfer sheet off.
If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with your labels, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0415 468 735 during business hours or you can email me any time at
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